Who are Lutz & Till?! and what is this page all about?!

We are two brothers, living on different continents but training for the same 'simple' goal. To qualify for the Ironman World Championships 2010 on Hawaii.

Lutz, the older brother is living in Hamburg, Germany whilst I am (Till)living in Los Angeles, USA.

At the moment we are interacting every day, talking about training, goals and dreams and trying to push each other as good as we can from across the globe.

We have set this challenge up along with an international social networking web page for endurance and multi sports athletes. www.trinited.com which will be going live at the end of June 2008. Whilst hunting for sponsors and advertising partners for the network we talked to some companies about our personal goals as well and as a result our very own Kona Challenge was born.

This web page will keep you updated about our progress, training schedules, race results and what else is going on in our lives.

We are thankful for everybody who stops by, sends us some words of encouragement and refers his friends to our blog.

Keep rocking and see you at the start!

Till & Lutz



    is that lutz and till in the picture? that other guy looks a lot more attractive than lutz. are you sure it's him?