Product Test - Spiuk Casta Triathlon Shoe

In the last couple of months we had the great pleasure of testing the Spiuk Casta Triathlon Shoe in detail. At races, long mountain rides, sprints - in many different situations. Our feedback is "without a doubt a fantastic shoe".

Facts from Spiuk:

Made with input and collaboration of pros and age-groupers worldwide, the Casta reflects the utmost attention to technical detail and design esthetic.
Soft pliable upper body with generous High-Flow 2 mesh vents for plenty of breathability, coolness, and comfort.
Front toe area features a protective reinforcement for durability.
TPU injection-molded vented heel cup for optimum fit and support.
Large outward-opening main strap with reverse velcro to the outer upper allowing one to set and hold an ultra-wide open shoe. Slide into the shoes with perfect ease.
A large rear pull-tab with auxiliary holes. Coupled with the reverse velcro strap, the Casta is optimized for T1.
A second Power Transfer Strap placed at the front of the shoe to dial in perfect fit and help maximize power to the pedals.
Highly rigid and ultra light weight glass fibre and polyamide sole provides excellent stiffness for power transfer while remaining comfortably.
Soft comfortable inners.
Features a generous toe box and runs true to size.
Compatible with all major pedal systems.

And this is what we think:

For us the Spiuk Casta is one of the few triathlon shoes we've tested that provide a perfect fit in the heel. No matter if you are pushing up the mountains or trying to out-sprint your buddy - there is no power loss cause the heel doesn't slip.

The 2 different insoles, one for hot days, one for cold days, are a real benefit of the shoe. The insole for cooler days works even great in the hot climate of LA. Tested on rides up to 6 hours long. (One thing we recommend though is not to swap the insoles out by mistake. No matter how tired the eyes are in the morning. Doing so results in really "hot" feet in hot climate :-))

The shoe is perfect for transition with easy and fast access. No matter if you you prefer putting on the shoe in transition already or rather once you are on the bike. The shoe is very well though through for transition.

Our favorite part of the shoe is the light weight glass fiber sole. Even though everybody seems to focus on carbon soles these days - the Spiuk glass fiber sole offers an incredible power transfer. You will it with every push and it even out-powered a lot of the carbon soles in our opinion. The power strap in the forefoot area provides and even better adjustment of the shoe and therefore even more power onto the pedals.

In terms of design you need to find out for yourself if you are more into the simple black and white design of the Casta or if you prefer the more powerful colors of other manufacturers. We are absolutely convinced:

Don't be fooled by the relatively low price of $ 139.99. In our eyes this shoe is Rock n' Roll!!

If you have any further questions or recommendations please feel free to send us an email to e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it We are always happy to answer any questions.