Runnig for the kids

Starting at 4:15pm on September 24th I will be taking part in a 24 hour relay run benefiting an awesome charity which is granting kids a free wish.

The event is taking place in Hamburg with a looped course around the Alster - the lake in the middle of the city which has just hosted the ITU World Cup Triathlon last weekend.

Of course I had planned on traveling to Berlin to support Lutz who is having another shot at breaking the 3 hour barrier at Berlin Marathon but I guess I can't pass on this fun opportunity to give something back to the community.

At this point I have found 5 other runners including 4 athletes from my triathlon club ( Which so far leaves about 14 hours of running to myself. Frankly - I am really hoping to find some more guys to join in. If not though - bring it on.

A small part of my brain is even trying to convince me to run the entire 24 hours by myself. Seriously folks, I am telling you: It is EXHAUSTING to argue with yourself all the time. Not that any part of my brain deserves to be called 'logic' but still....We will see. Let's wait how training comes along over the next couple of weeks.

Now I will get to setting up a support page for donations as I am aiming at collecting 1000 Euro for the kids. Of course I'd appreciate any help - financially or by spreading the word.

Good luck to all athletes racing this weekend.

Rock on!!