Tri11 Wetsuit USA Super Special

Message from our friends at Tri11

"US Pre-Launch Wetsuit Special

Tri11 is the future number one wetsuit company on the market combining GERMAN reliability, quality and durability with an innovative design, super fast materials and phenomenal comfort.

After less than one year on the market we are already the trusted brand of elite athletes such as Ironman Pros Mathias Hecht, Rene Göhler and Olaf Sabatschus and we now we are offering YOU the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to wear the brand new Tri11 Red and the Tri11 Speedsuit in the US.

Both our Tri11 Red and our Tri11 Speedsuit.
The wetsuit everybody in Europe is talking about after
amazing race success in 2009 and an outstanding review
in Germany’s top triathlon magazines.

Very special DISCOUNTED offer only to a select few who
sub scribed through our social networks or via our website.
Join Tri11 on Twitter or Facebook.

Try them on from August 10th – August 28.
Have your orders in by August 30th.
Receive the suits by September 7th.

You can either order directly to after checking
your size on the attached sizing chart if you’re in the LA area
and want to try them on first.

Our goal ist to:
So don’t miss out on this onetime opportunity to safe
money and to get a hell lot faster at the same time!!!!
Wanna find out more about Tri11 –"

Folks, believe us. We've tried them out and they seriously rock....

Happy racing.