Stuffitts Shoe Savers

Here is a little review we have written a while back for - still one of our favorite little gadgets we have tested so far......

There is one thing that accounts for running shoes, cycling shoes, work shoes and shoes in general all over the world. After a while THEY STINK. No matter if the climate is hot, humid, wet or cold. There are certain factors that have an influence on how much our shoes smell and yes. as and barefoot athletes, we are the front runners of "breathtaking" shoe experiences.

So we went out and contacted Mike at Stuffitts who was kind enough to send us 4 pairs of his Stuffits Shoe Savers to test. Here is what Mike says about his product.

"Moisture is your shoes’ worst enemy - making them wet and smelly. Simply place these soft, foot-shaped forms in your shoes after work or work-outs to eliminate wetness. The pure cedar filling starts absorbing moisture in minutes and renews your shoes. Use them every day to keep your shoes in work-read, race-ready, every day life-ready condition!

* Can be used in any type or size of footwear
* Absorbs moisture and eliminates odor
* Filled with 100% natural cedar
* Convenient carrying strap
* Prolongs life of shoes
* Easy to use; works every time!"

...and here is what we at have to say. We have to admit the test has only been going on for a month and we can hardly say anything about "prolonging life" of our shoes but we will update you on that.

We have used Stuffitts in our running, cycling and work shoes over the last 4 weeks and we have been treating them badly but they don't seem to bother. So far they are holding up great. It is amazing to see how they "suck" the moisture out of your shoes even after a rainy day and you could easily use your running shoes the next day again (if you wanted). The cedar filling does not only produce a nice smell in new shoes without being all over the place but they also take out the serious stink of old shoes. We have tried them in a pair of "we used to be running then sightseeing and now beat me up soccer" sneakers, which smelled so badly that I think they kept away the rats in my Manhattan apartment, and I have to say - after a couple of days they had lost a lot of its evil. I wouldn't go as far as to say that they smell like new but hey - a pair of shoes like that need to be thrown out anyway.

We loved Stuffitts from the moment we saw and smelled them. They come in a lot of bright, retro colors and look a lot like running and triathlon shorts in the 80s. They are fairly light weight and easy to travel with. We don't know yet if the prolong the life of your sports shoes and we are pretty certain they won't protect them from being worn out after 600 miles of running but we have to say - there is no category of shoe wearing athlete who should not posses a pair or two of Stuffitts. At $9.99 there is not a good reason not to have any. You might be surprised that people are suddenly not avoiding you on your local run anymore. Is it the smell?