Tri11 Red Wetsuit - Introduction

Howdie athletes, Who would have thought that it takes a move from good old California to Hamburg,Germany to finally find the perfect wetsuit for me. It’s rather a second skin instead of yet another thick rubber suit of armor.

I am talking about the brand new Tri11 Red. The wetsuit choosen over here by Ironman athletes such as Mathis Hecht and Ironman Oldie Icon Olaf Sabatschus.

Tri11 has just launched in late 2008 but with an impressive service model and an amazing suit at low pricing they were the most sold and rented wetsuit at the recent Hamburg Triathlon which by the way also hosted a race of the ITU World Cup Series.

Forget about Killer Whales, The Fastest Fish In The World, How Many Times You Can Multiply Yourself, Wetsuits From ‚Out of Space’ , Men Made of Water or whoever else has forced you into thick rubber. Experience perfect buoyancy and protection against cold whilst enjoying the benefits of unrivaled flexibility and durability. . is what Tri11 has to say about themselves - And they are right.

Thanks to an innovative design Tri11 is able to combine what I didn’t believe to be possible - buoyancy and superb flexibility at the same time. Tri11 is distributing the buoyancy to where it’s needed. Your hips, midsection of your chest and your upper legs. The shoulder and arm sections provide extreme flexibility and a relaxed and natural swim stroke thanks to the super thin 1.2 mm Yamamoto neopren. The highly flexible forearm panels generate increased power with every stroke.

With the Tri11 Red you are optimizing your water position, generate maximum excelleration and produce unrivaled speed whilst saving valuable energy for the rest of the race.

Here are some facts.

* Extremely flexible Yamamoto-Neopren for maximum arm flexibility
* Innovative cut and design
* Special interior for increased wear comfort
* Evenly distributed buoyancy
* Special coating for maximum propulsion
* High cut, abrasion free collar resulting in no scarfing, reduced water inflow and uninhibited
* Innovative gluing system for seams guaranteeing extended durability.
* Highly flexible Yamamoto forearm panels for increased power production
* you can order any 2 wetsuits for a free one week trial and they will be delivered to your door
and picked up at your doorstep again at no charge

For all of you interested – during the race in Hamburg I had the opporunity to talk to Michael Strokosch, founder of Tri11 and he told me that they will be opening shop int he US soon. The suit will officially be selling for 599 Dollar ( a lot of money but still lower than other companie’s top models such as the Xterra Vendetta at 699 Dollar ) but there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on the wetsuit which has been ranked number one by the German Tri Mag in 2009 at a significantly lower price. According to Michael there will be a pre launch sale in late August for 459 Dollar and everybody who is on Facebook or Twitter and connects to them will get it for 499 any time after that.