WTF - Stealing Stuff in Transition?

When I did my first triathlon I was blown away by the atmosphere and the friendship each of the athletes seemed to share.

I was deeply impressed as we were standing along transition 1 after finishing our race and the Olympic Distance racers started mounting their bikes. One dude obviously was a little too psyched about his race and pumped his tires up wayyyyyyy to much. So after it got a little hot out there his tire blew up and he didn't realize until he got out of the water. You could see the panic written all over his face when my brother intuitively reacted and lent him his rear tire.

Whilst I was thinking - Dude, you just handed a 1200 Dollar Zipp Wheel to a guy you have never seen before in your life - it seemed pretty normal to my brother. From that point onwards I was fallen for the sport and its surrounding atmosphere.

Needles to say how surprised and disappointed I was when a couple of years later whilst living in the US I got a phone call from my brother that his wetsuits was stolen out of transition. My initial thought: WTF.

Ever since -reports about stolen wetsuits, bikes etc keep popping up all over the place.

Seriously folks - who on earth did not get the point of our sport?? Some days I wish I would catch somebody in the act - trying to steal my bike or wetsuit....he better be a faster runner than I am.

I'm saying - fight those fu..ers.

Rock on,